That embarrassing moment when somebody asks you to tell you more about yourself and you’re like who am I? It feels so weird being ‘myself’ sometimes. Who am I? There are days when I do not know well. The days when even I deck myself. Days where I grow confused as I was and that now I am.

Before you enter into my dreamy world. My name is Sarah Joy but I’d like to be called as Sarah. I’m 22 years old and single. The 4th child and the only girl among my 5 brothers. I’m really close with my mama and all of my siblings, especially with my second to the last brother he has been just like me a little bit girly. lol! And for about to my family just to hit the tale short, I came from a broken family. But believe it or not, I used to deal with that thing, though. I‘m happily dealing it with for a long time now. We are happy and blessed! I merely think about it to put things in order right on my own. To rebuild my broken family that I bear in my own in the future. I really can’t wait for it all. 😉

I enjoy seeing films. I like reading books. Other than that, I love to go as well to travel the universe. (I guess I need to get to sleep, though. If you recognize what I have in mind. lol.) I took Education right now my goal is to become a teacher really.I accepted this goal since I was a child, even though I don’t recall why I desired to get one. The reason that I believe I want to become a teacher those young children to cultivate their self more. I play hard when it comes to achieving my goal, and then when I get to the end result, I can deliver the best of life.

I am a person who makes many mistakes but has the courtesy to take from them and not hit them doubly. I am a person who laughs so hard that I have tears flowing down my nerves. An emotional person who screams whenever I need to and is not embarrassed to express myself that fashion. I express whatever I am feeling then I don’t bear to keep it indoors until I burst. I am that someone who strains to pluck you up when your down, laugh when you want to cry, and is there when you want to let the cat out of the bag. I possess a great shoulder for people to lean on and experience myself as an excellent ally.A good listener and will shut up until you are stopped. I give sound advice because I tell people the true statement, not merely what they desire to learn. I am genuine.

Everyone has sadness in their animations at times and we all deal with it otherwise. I am a person accepts things as they happen and instead of dwelling on the annoyance it has caused I deal with it, learn from it and try to displace in the best fashion I dismiss. Every experience in my life good or bad, happy or sad makes me harder. Each passing second is a new life experience for me and makes me grow into the person I desire to be. If I spent all my day calling back about something especially myself, I better sleep and dream of it rather.

Thus, the question was, who am I? I am a young woman with a big dream and a person who has called for big steps to accomplish it. I am not concerned that I don’t experience everything about myself. As I grow older, I’ll cipher it out.